CVs never tell the whole story. Too often, individuals are rejected from roles simply because of where they come from or what University they went to. Out-dated hiring policies are causing employers to close the door on talent they haven’t even given a chance. It’s time for things to change.


Introducing a new movement from the Social Mobility Foundation: Department for Opportunities. 

The SMF is launching its advocacy arm to increase social mobility in the UK. Its focus will be on civil society rather than Whitehall – working with employers, communities, charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities to take action within their spheres of influence.

We are here to give young people more opportunities and DO something about the biggest issue facing the UK today; social mobility.

A huge thank you to the inspiring young people from our programme who appeared on @RidgeOnSunday just now.

Young people like them are finding school closures and exam cancellations particularly hard. They must not lose out in the new plans for summer assessment.



Our new survey of 863 Social Mobility Foundation students, aged 16–18, revealed that:

❗️ 73% of students are anxious about cancelled exams

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Powerful point from a Year 13 student to @SophyRidgeSky that the ability to sit exams is to take your own future into your hands, rather than someone else controlling whether you go to university, for example. No surprise that 64% of young ppl report poorer #mentalhealth. #Ridge

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🎬 The unequal impact of school closures on young people
📊 Our new data on student attitudes
🗣 Students from our Aspiring Professionals Programme
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The closure of schools and cancellation of exams affects millions of students, but not all equally.

@SophyRidgeSky has investigated this, talking to young people + gathering data with @SocialMobilityF. Her report will feature in the show.

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