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There are simple steps you can take to give more people more opportunity. You can implement them in your company right now. Take a look at our best practice tips and tricks to help your company hire amazing talent. 


Hide Details:

Remove applicant name, university, and/or grades from applications. Unconscious biases can sway decisions, especially when there are large number of applications.


Interview Panels:

Consider your interview panellists. Are they diverse in socio-economic background, schooling and regional upbringing?


Internship Recruitment:

Incorporate your work experience placements and/or internships into your formal recruitment process. Ensure that applications are open and advertised widely.


Internal Culture:

Review your organisation's culture for whether it is inclusive of people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Use diversity surveys to assess the retention of staff from different backgrounds.


Supply Chains:

Use your purchasing power with contractors and suppliers to encourage them to take action on social mobility in their workplaces.


Outreach in "Coldspots"

If you do recruitment outreach, focus your work on social mobility "coldspot" areas or in schools, colleges and universities with higher proportions of socio-economic disadvantage. Use digital and social media solutions to reach people you normally wouldn't e.g. with online Q&As or targeted advertising of internship applications.

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This list is the top 20 of the Top 75 UK employers in 2020 who have taken the most action on social mobility in the workplace. It includes organisations across 18 professional sectors including banks, engineering firms, law firms, government departments and retailers. 

The Social Mobility Employer Index is the creation of the Social Mobility Foundation and ranks the UK’s employers on the actions they are talking to ensure they are open to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds. It highlights the employers doing the most to change the way they find, recruit and progress talented employees from different social class backgrounds.

You can view the full Top 75 from 2020 here or to find out more about taking part in the 2021 Social Mobility Employer Index, sign up to the mailing list.